Hello and welcome to my blog. WOW! It’s seriously strange for me to be saying, or rather writing this (and saying it to myself as I type this). I’m a writer and author but when blogging first surfaced strangely it wasn’t really my thing! Traditional journalism was all I was about. And when the likes of Susie Bubble burst onto the scene, I quietly watched with excitement, thinking oooh what a great write up. And over the years I watched as more and more great write ups appeared. I told myself, girl there’s no way you’ll be blogging anytime soon. And then it happened. Little by little, slowly and slowly I began to fall in love with the prospect of sharing my thoughts and ideas about the things I love. And I love fashion! Oh heck I do!

And so here I am on this cool afternoon in sunny (well only slightly, not gonna get excited!) London, having just devoured my favourite dish, writing this piece. And it feels so good. I’m super excited to be sharing with you everything fashion and beauty, make-up and weddings. And any other great, funky and weird stories I have up my sleeves. I’m ridiculously excited!!

Welcome on board!




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