Beauty: Boots N7 Match Made Concealer in ‘walnut’

I’ve never been a huge fan of make-up, the odd foundation, blusher and mascara was my Hollywood face. I thought that was all I ever needed. I laugh at myself now frantically trailing through YouTube videos looking for make-up tips on contouring and highlight and the rest. Now, concealer I have tried before but I never really understood how to use it or  what it was meant for. I probably wasn’t buying the right one either,because to be honest I didn’t see the importance of it. Now, I have pigmentation and for years all I ever did was pile on thick liquid foundation to cover dark marks left by spots. I went from Fashion Fair, to MAC to Sleek piling on layer after layer. Recently I rummaged through a friend’s make-up bag and found this little concealer from Mary K. Having sneakily tried it and loved it, I confessed to her that I’d found a new love! It was the perfect shade for me in Bronze 2. It glided on beautifully and covered up EVERYTHING!!!

Now, I knew I couldn’t keep sneaking this little beauty out of my friend’s make-up bag and so moi gave herself the quest of finding a near good enough or even better replacement. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t get the Mark Kay one, well having to find a rep, order and wait a million years didn’t seem too fun. I wanted a concealer now, now now! Gosh, I’ve become so make-up demanding.

During breaks at work I decide to research some concealers and eventually came up with Sleek or MAC. And so skipping blissfully out of work heading straight to the nearest shopping centre (eerrrr……there’s one literally on the door step at work……..very dangerous, yet very fabulous), I found myself in Superdrugs disappointingly holding the Sleek concealer I’d googled earlier……tiny! Having stormed out of Superdrugs and patiently trailed through all the beauty counters at Debenhams, I’d gave up hope (yeh, I wasn’t about to travel 40 minutes to the next shopping centre for the MAC one). My last attempt was Boots, funny enough I told myself I was just breezing through as I didn’t dream of finding anything. And there it was, N7 Match Made Concealer……a cute little white bullet pen of a thing. Without no tester I picked out two dark shades and eventually settled on walnut. This concealer’s coverage has been fab. It has a matt finish and feels very light on my skin. I build it up so that I only use one layer of my Sleek CC cream in medium. It does cover up my dark marks and lasts the whole day and gives me a very nice even skin tone. A job well done if I do say so myself. But and there’s always a but. If you’re like me and use a lot, this little beauty won’t last you a week! N7 Mach made concealer


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