Beauty: My Sleek top 3

Hi dolls!

I’m really excited about sharing this post because I’ve done a little photo shoot outside my garden (feeling very David LaChapelle) and wanted to bring you my fav, top 3 Sleek products.

Some years ago I bought a Sleek foundation and it gave me such a bad breakout, I vowed never to buy any products from them again. I didn’t know how that was going to be possible – because I remember at the time there were hardly any make-up products for black skin – but that I would never want to use Sleek again, I knew. I stayed away from Sleek for years and I guess it was because I was a little disappointed with the experience I had with the foundation. Not only did it leave me spotty, but it also left my skin dry and flaky. Well, time has passed and I’ve forgiven and rekindled my likeness for Sleek and I must say with all sincerity they are one of the best make-up products around for black skin.

So, contouring and highlighting is something I’ve just fallen in love with and Sleek’s contour and highlight face kit is the first I bought. And I’m hugely impressed – love it, love it, love it!

My next purchased from Sleek is their CC cream. Now previous to that I’d been using the BB cream from GOSH. Let me tell you ladies, these BB and CC creams are the best!!! Need I say much better than liquid and cream-to-powder foundations. For me I find that the CC and BB creams sit very comfortably on my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy and it certainly doesn’t clog my pores (which the liquid ones did). I’ve used GOSH’s BB cream for months and felt the need for a little change. However, when I was deciding to go for a BB or CC cream, it was a choice between Sleek’s CC cream and GOSH’s BB. Eventually, I went with GOSH’s BB because I felt the shade and coverage was perfect. I like switching up things every now and then – so instead of going for my usual (GOSH’s BB), I braved it and went for Sleek’s CC…..and…..drum roll…… it’s a YES from me!!  I love it -and if you know me you know that I love almost everything.

Next up is Sleek’s luminous pressed powder. Now, here’s the joke –  I was searching for a new pressed powder because I’d ran out of my MAC Studio Fix one – and for months I couldn’t be bothered (I gasp at my own words), to get another one. After testing the sample on the back of my hand at Superdrugs, I bought it without a second look. Eeek!! Somebody forgot to read the word luminous on the box. So there I was the next morning, finished slapping on the concealer, CC cream, et all and now I was ready for my pièce de résistance and …………oh gosh, it’s got sparkly bits in it.

I blame it all on the excitement of denying myself months without powder.

But dolls I love it!

And there you have it, my top 3 Sleek products that I’m loving right now.

Are you a CC or BB user, do leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts on these bad boys!


2 thoughts on “Beauty: My Sleek top 3

  1. Absolutely flawless! You look so beautiful auntie. I like your new blog very much. You’re so talented and gifted. I like your beauty tips very much. Keep up the good work aunt B. Xxx


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