Fashion: Bridal white inspiration

Hi bea-utiful people!

The wedding season is upon us and a massive congratulations goes out to Ginger spice –  Geri Halliwell, who wed her Formula One boss Christian Horner on Friday 15th May. Her dress is AMAZING!! Absolutely stunning! I wouldn’t have expected Geri to rock such a demure and classic dress – not that Mrs Halliwell isn’t demure; she’s quite the lady of the manor type of woman. I guess casting my mind to her previous fashion choices; I would have imagined a slinky number or something. But kudos to Halliwell who looked sensational in her Phillipa Lepley custom made couture wedding dress. Phillipa Lepley is a Chelsea based bridal designer who makes exquisite wedding dresses. Geri’s dress with its long lace sleeves is a one-off design (hold those tears brides-to be reading this), with intricate lace surrounding the voluminous skirt.

For weddings I know that lace tends to be a first choice for most brides. It’s classic, understated glamour, feminine, demure, sophisticated, elegant – the list can go on.  I’m a big lover of lace but I have only one item in my closet (completely diminishes my so-called love, doesn’t it….lol), an oxblood pencil skirt from Design Hues (will post that later). Geri’s gorgeous and incredibly stunning gown has gotten me all angelic and lacey!

Stay tuned for my post coming up on what you can wear for an all-white party or event to usher in the summer – but in the meantime check out my 16 picks for the summer.

(click on image for where to buy).




2 thoughts on “Fashion: Bridal white inspiration

  1. Oh, really ol’ Ginger Spice is married?! I have to give it to the girl, she really did a turn around with her image and look what she ended up snagging- she’s smart! Lovely bridal picks here, really feeling the crisp white tailored blazers. Ps thanks for following my blog. Hope you stop by.


    • Hey ya,
      Thanks for stopping by and following. Yup she’s married – was shocked too but she looked absolutely amazing. Yup she snagged a Formula One boss – they look great together. Glad to be following also.


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