Beauty: ‘Si Lolita’ – My Naughty Impulse Buy

Two years ago an aunt of mine was staying with me – now this woman is a real shopaholic. When secretly rummaging through her make-up bag I found this amazing perfume by Lolita Lempicka. The perfume was so divine I couldn’t tear myself away from spritzing here and there. So my quest..? To hide it from her – with the intention that she’ll completely forget. A day before she left en route to Germany, I decided to devise a cunning mission impossible plan – so I hid it on my bedside table and placed a pair of fancy knickers in front of it thinking that she’ll never want to go there! Thinking my game plan had succeeded I cheekily and confidently went to my bedside table the day of her departure. I found the knickers alright……! Sadly my smarter than I aunt had found her perfume leaving me completely heart-broken. Fortunately my heart is finally healed because whilst whisking through the shopping centre after work, I glided past The Fragrance Shop, knowing very well not to even enter there. But I guess my brain forgot to communicate that to my legs. Instead what did my brain tell my eyes to do….? Look in the sale box – and there she was, all dressed in white – Si Lolita for only £11.50!! Literally free!! I don’t even remember when my debit card decided to make a best supporting actress appearance – by the time I knew it I was out the door with my purchase! Ahhh…the things we do for love.

It wasn’t the scent I originally wanted but Si Lolita opened my senses to a whole new smell that was equally as divine. I adore this perfume – it’s fresh, sensual and feminine with a floral and musky tone. The scent reveals a delicate Sweet Pea, Hawthorn and Magnolia, lingering with Amber. It also has a woody and powdery accent which I just love! My 30ml purchase is so not going to make it past a week!


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