Beauty: Crochet Braids – My latest hair crush!

Hi bea-utiful people!

I really love experimenting with new hair styles and the great looks it gives you time and time again – and I love me some full volume and length too –  I never really do short! I’ve been playing it safe for a few months simply because I just couldn’t decide what style to have. When a girlfriend of mine started rocking crochet braids, I was intrigued. Her long locks in dark brown with a hint of red peeping through made me more eager to try it out.

For mine I picked out a redy-wine shade of hair – very daring for me because with colours I always play it safe. I’ve been really looking forward to wearing red but just couldn’t find extensions that came in the shade of red or burgundy I wanted. The only option I had was to dye it myself, or buy extensions that was already dip-dyed. I’m wearing my crochet braids in a very simple style – just how I want it seeing that it’s my first time trying it. And its been braided in such a way that I’m able to wear it as a side or middle parting.

I must say that I’m really loving being a red head (literally).


4 thoughts on “Beauty: Crochet Braids – My latest hair crush!

  1. Loving the new hair style, it really suits you and the colour is bang on for Summer!….. As for the outfit all I can say is WOW!


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