Fashion: It’ll Be All White On The Night

new look

Hi bea-uties

Well it’s sad to say I bought my first white item (a white lace crop top from New Look) since a few years now! White is such a great colour. As minimal as it is I think it’s also quite a striking colour and I think it commands attention. And I also think that white can make or break you – think red or patterned knickers under a dress or trousers.

Lately I’ve been in dream land fantasising about white pencil dresses and lace pencil skirts pairing them with white blouses or tucking a crisp shirt inside a fab lace skirt. The thing is I know why wearing white scares me….and the story goes a little something like this…..years ago I owned a white biker jacket that looked more vinyl than faux leather. I remember standing in a very packed town waiting for my bus with a friend. All of a sudden….splat!!! A bird decided to empty its behind on me which left a yellow runny waste all down my jacket. My loyal friend screeched….”Beatrice what’s that nasty thing on your jacket…eugh….its bird poo!” she quickly, while standing a million feet from me took me into her friend’s opticians a few seconds from where we were standing to get tissue to wipe the yellow runny poo off!. I tell you that bird poo left my shoulders paralysed for a while. And that Vinyl jacket went straight in the bin without mercy! Funny as it sounds now I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally gotten over my fear of wearing white.

So much so I’ve brought you a selection of the pieces I’m loving right now. If you’re heading to an all-white party or event this summer – look on and be inspired!


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