Beauty: WOWzers!! Marks & Spencer’s Beauty Range is like Awesome!

Hi bea-uties

Marks and Sparks have come a seriously long way since its granny-fied days of boring clothing. Now I love (as I do everything) almost every single range of clothing and some of their accessories they have. I do think they need to work a tad bit harder on their footwear. I feel like their heel lengths are still geared for the older woman. But what caught my eye recently is their makeup range.

Now I’ve been in Marks plenty of times – heck I used to work in the Knightsbridge branch (it was food – nothing exciting). I must say I’m really impressed! Their eye palettes have great shades if you have medium to dark skin tone as I’ve found. Their lip shades are great too – berries, purples, pinks and nudes.

Their nail varnishes also come in lots of fab shades – but at £6 a pop it’s a little OTT. But here’s my belief…..if a product or service is great quality and does an outstanding job – I’ll go for it. And we know Marks & Spencer’s are synonymous with quality. I really can’t fault their range – except the price – but I must confess I’m a huge fan!


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