Fashion: Shoes, Glorious Shoes – My Micro-Mini Collection

Hey bea-utiful people

That sunshine today was gorg!! Hope you all made use of it (remember this is London).

I didn’t realise how small a selection of shoes I have. I have an open wardrobe (is that even right, open?), well it doesn’t have doors – it’s pretty cool like that to be honest. So a girl friend of mine happened to be looking through my open wardrobe and mentioned that I seemed to have a lot of pencil skirts and that she was keen to get a few more, since she only had five or so. She then proceeded to count how many pencil shirts I had. 1….5…..8….12……16 – “16”!!!! She screeched!

I couldn’t even believe it myself. I wondered how many shoes I had and how many accessories too. Now like every girl I love shoes. They make you feel great, gives you great posture when you’re walking in heels – I think shoes generally give you that all good feel factor. I’m only 5’3 so I tend to go no more than 3 inches – I just have this fear of wearing high heels and not being able to walk or balance in them properly. Oh yes, I’ve seen those ladies who struggle in their shoes, trodding along….so embarrassing. So I want to be smart and only do what I can handle and looks good with my height. However if the shoe has a platform, I’m usually brave enough to go for 4 inches. If I could be a pro and walk in heels like Victoria Beckham, I think I’ll be like Super-Girl (did anyone watch the sister version of Superman back in the day….or was it just me?!). VB rocks heels like she was born wearing them.

I do want to grow my shoe collection I have 30 pairs (not all shown) and invest in more high-end brands like LK Bennett and Kurt Geiger whose shoes are ever tasteful.


L-R: New Look, Next, New Look, Ravel, JustFab, JustFab, Casandra Shoes
L-R: New Look, Next, New Look, Ravel, JustFab, JustFab, Casandra Shoes


Pinks, Berries and Reds

Blues and Yellows


4 thoughts on “Fashion: Shoes, Glorious Shoes – My Micro-Mini Collection

  1. YESSSS to your yellow shoes, what a great pair for Summer! Three decades in and I’m just kinda sorta building my shoe collection. My mum’s collection inspired me to start, I stole/borrowed forever her 2 pairs of Pradas and realised I have a real for them as they do a good thick heel, but am not sure my budget can see my passion through!


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