Fashion: My ‘Blue Lagoon’ Sunday Outfit

Hey bea-utiful people!

So my outfit post is two days late but I thought I’d share it with ya’ll anyway. So on a lovely Sunday morning going to church I decided to wear a gorgeous blue peplum top and blue skirt that I’ve never worn. Never, ever!  And to be honest I don’t know why. I usually over kill every outfit in my wardrobe.

I guess sometimes it’s the mood you’re in to wear a particular piece. I get that a lot, whether it’d be with a certain colour or style of clothing. I purchased this rich blue peplum top from New Look some time back last year. I thought the neckline was so pretty and well sewn. I usually worry about buying clothes with stones or diamante sewn on because I get so worried that my nail will yank if off – which usually happens. So I tend to inspect clothes that have stones sewn on. And sadly while inspecting I talk to my self and say ‘Bea, are you sure you want this, are you going to take care of it?’ If it looks secure enough I’ll definitely buy it. If not I find something else to fill that void….lol!

The back of the peplum top falls a little lower than the  front which I love – though now having worn it with a knee length skirt, I feel it was too long as a top – I think it would have worked great with a pair of cigarette pants. What really caught my eye with this peplum top also is the little shoulder pads, which gives my shoulders a nice lift. Now I’m a shoulder pad girl – well I was born in the 80’s so any structure on the shoulders gives me that power woman syndrome.

I purchased the skirt from my beloved Primark at a silly price (you know how Primarni does it). I just love the whole combination of blue going on with this skirt. It’s very comfortable to wear and sits nicely on the knees – however I did feel the elasticated band rise to just under my bra line which I found hilarious. I guess having lost weight since I bought it, it was kind of justifiable-ish!

My heels are from New Look, which again since purchasing them – I’ve only worn….lets say less than ten times. The crazy luminous yellow colour is very blinding but as long as it looks good on the feet , right?


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