Beauty: My Micro Mini (and very much unplanned) Makeup Haul

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Now ladies I know you’ll feel me when I say that when u set out to shop for just one thing, you end up coming back with a whole bunch of bags – right?? I only had one aim and that was to get a pair of control shorts from Primark.
But what happened prior to that and after I really couldn’t control (or didn’t want to control…?), lol!! And in doing a naughty unplanned micro splurge I decided to honour myself with a cool tag – Bargain Belle (don’t ask cos I don’t know myself). I don’t know but I was very chuffed with myself and my little budget makeup that looks really good on.

Now I’m not ashamed of where I get my fashions from as long as it’s credible and at least has a tad bit of class to it. I mean I don’t know if you’d consider Wilkinson’s to be even a tad classy – but they have the cutest makeup range called Essence (cooing in my mind as I type). I first bought their eye shadow palette and two of their nude lip glosses a year ago and no lie, it’s really good. They have a bunch of nail polishes in rainbow colours and literally every makeup item.  So I picked up their XXXL Shine lip gloss in Poppy Red -now this is my new shade that I’m loving it’s kind of a soft orange colour and it looks super cool on. Next I picked up in the same range XXXL Shine lip gloss in Nude Kiss. Ladies I am completely obsessed with nude!! Clothes, shoes, lippies!! They only thing I haven’t attacked in nudes are bags (but of course you know I’m on to that!!)
Now some months ago Essence brought out I believe 4 shades of nude lip sticks. The first time I saw it I walked away without buying because I just couldn’t choose which shade of nude I wanted – but today with my Bargain Belle hat on I went straight for shade Come Naturally.

I also bought their two-in-one eyeliner pen which has one thick and slanted end and the other end nice and thin. Heading into Primark I picked up two lip liner pencils (sorry I took off the sticky tag before you could say cheeseburger so I don’t have the shade name). I also picked up their crazily priced (£0.80) nail polish in Berrylicious. Primark’s nail varnish also comes in lots of cool colours, however it does peel off quite quickly and to be after it dries looks quite…well dry!!! It has no shine to it (a top coat is seriously needed). But when they’re going at 80p a pop, you can afford to have fun with them.
Oh and I did get my control pants too!!!


Crayon lip liner, Primark

Essence lipglosses and lipstick, Wilkenson

Essence eye liner, Wilkenson

Essence sharpener, Wilkenson


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