Beauty: My Makeup Look Of The Day

Hey bea-utiful people,

Loving this weather so much thought I’d give me a nice little face makeover while I head to Hyde Park with the girls. Still rockin the crop hair and liking it (ttill Tuesday).

Have a fabulous Saturday!!!


8 thoughts on “Beauty: My Makeup Look Of The Day

  1. Hey hon, liking the gold eye shadow you used there. I like these kind of posts btw- from your posts, I can see you’re a beauty junkie so it wld be nice to see how you use beauty products…and then speaking of which, it would be fab to have these pics larger so we can soak in all the lovely details!

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    • Thank you so so much for your lovely comments dear. I’ve only just gotten into beauty big time since watching one too many vloggers on YouTube so I’m getting there slowly. That gold…luv that gold…its from the Barry M palette I featured on my blog. And thanks for the suggestion I should have used the single images I took as well, xxx


    • He Ade, how are ya? Thanks for stopping my and hope you enjoyed the post.
      What I used:
      Mary Kay concealer in Bronze 2
      Sleek CC cream in Medium
      Manhattan High Cover Concealer in Sun Beige
      BF Classic pressed powder shade 109
      Sleek Contour kit in
      Eye shadow (gold) Barry M eye palette
      Blush a very old MAC (faded writing so i can’t see the shade)
      Sleek lip liner in Ruby
      and finally…
      Essence lipstick (from Wilkenson) in Come Naturally


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