Beauty: My Makeup Outlet Purchases

Hey bea-ties

Gosh I seem to be doing a lot more beauty posts that I ever imagined I would. I guess I’m really coming into my own with makeup because I’m forever learning a new makeup trick or two. And I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t a makeup girl. The only thing I ever used was foundation and blusher. But what I like to do is buy drugstore (so American, I know, how do we say it in London? Cheap..?… makeup because it gives me the chance to play around without spending lots. And to be honest some of them have been great – even a few makeup bits I’ve picked up from Primark and New Look have been aiight!

So I’ve said before I’m a bargain hunter and while searching the net recently I decided to look up ‘makeup outlets’ and whoooo-hoooo, what joy I found!! So there’s actually makeup outlets and I didn’t know?? – I should really disarm myself from the bargain hunter title. I discovered lots and lots of online makeup outlets. I got very excited and filled about three carts on three different sites. I decided to settle on Fragrance Direct – which I gotta say had crazy prices. Not all of their makeup stocked are top brands, some are drugstore labels.They also do a number of designer perfume (I’m going crazy for Versace Yellow Diamonds perfume). Of course I’ve found a load more outlets for makeup and unless I deliberately loose my credit card, I’m going back for more!! My only reservation is of course seeing a colour online may not necessarily be your exact shade when it arrives.

Check out what I bought below and my review of each product.

Bourjois Bio detox organic foundation (shade 09 or Brown)

I was excited getting this foundation – but upon wearing it I found that it was quit dark. It has a red undertone while I more more of a yellow. Coverage is just how I like it – thick. I got the shade 09 or Brown but it was just too red for my skin tone. Never the less I’m still wearing it with my Milani concealer, which is much lighter – so it kinda works.

Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation (in chestnut)

Oh boy! This foundation was a little disappointing for me. I’ve never used, talk less heard of this brand but I liked the price (as you do) but more importantly for me I wanted to try a new type of foundation. This is very much like body moisturizer with tint.  It’s quite thick, which is normally what I like (to cover my pigmentation), but I found it was quite white-ish when applied. I looks great smeared on my hand but on my face it doesn’t sit that well.

Technic Pastels Eyeshadow

Ok, this little gem of an eye shadow is quite cute! I really wanted to get something quite colourful as I mostly go for browns. I’m not sure about the light blue shade, but the rest I love.

Constance Carroll Fashion Colour Lipstick (in Rosewood and Heather)

I’ve always been a lip gloss chick, my mum on the other hand has always been about lip sticks. I tried converting her to lip gloss – that failed terribly! So, I decided to try just one lip stick and I myself have been converted ever since. These Constance Carroll lipstick’s are so lovely. Very rich in texture and lasts pretty long. The two shades looks very similar and I was convinced that they’d sent me two of one colour but nope I got my two colours alright.

Manhattan High Cover Concealer (in Sunbeige or 24)

Wow, wow, wow! I really like this concealer which I use under my eyes, forehead, nose and chin to highlight. The consistency is medium and covers really, really well. I’ve used LA Girl’s Pro Concealer and sincerely I don’t get what all the the is about – but for this Manhattan concealer, for me it’s absolutely fab. It sits well and gives me very good coverage. Will definitely be ordering a handful more.

Famous by Sue Moxley Diamond Shine Lipgloss (in Plumful)

Berry lip glosses were the only shades I used to wear, until I found nude. So going back to this Sue Moxley Plumful gloss was like having a throw back moment. This is really glossy and looks great on.

Technic Monster lash mascara

I don’t know which monster they’re talking about but I certainly wasn’t afraid. in fact I was tad bit disappointed because this didn’t give my lashes the ‘monster’ effect it says on the tin. I found that I had to put on a number of coats before I saw any visible change. All the same it’s a good wear for day to day, which is what I’m using it for – but certainly wouldn’t wear it if I was hitting the town.

Bourjois Cinema Bombay Nail polish

Really cute little nail polish – I got a very natural shade which has a really nice shine without the need for a top coat or gloss. And best of all it dried really quickly.

The look on moi…(Bourjois Bio Foundation and Manhattan concealer, purple and light gold shade from eye palette and Heather on the lips )

*All products are bought by myself and the review are my own thoughts and not sponsored*


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