Beauty: Miu Miu’s First Fragrance

Hey bea-utiesThe fragrance world has definitely put a smile on my face with the release of Miu Miu’s first fragrance.Yippee!! Designed by Danielle Roche Andrier, the woman behind scents for other top design houses such as Marni, the perfume has lilly of the valley, rose, jasmine and green notes. It apparently took 1,200 tries before settling on the perfect scent. That alone deserves and award! This is definitely going to be one of my favourite scents as I’m a real floral fan.

I’m a perfume chic and I love experimenting with scents….I tend to wear three at a time just for a distinctive smell.

Like mixing designer clothes with high street, I love mixing my scents – a splash of Lancome’s La vie et Belle with a little spritz of New Look’s Pure Dusk. It’s all in the art of creating your signature scent.


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