The First Lady Conference: My Event of the Year

Good morning bea-uties

Well I hope you’ve all had a sound sleep cos I feel like I need another eight hours. However,  this brings me to a very important and exciting announcement. ….drum roll please…..I’m hosting my second event (in years) called The First Lady Conference,  an organisation I founded this year to bring successful and inspirational women together to share secrets of their triumph to the top of their careers and businesses.

The idea came about as my film director friend Femi always refers to me as the First Lady of Ghana. It just used to give me a real boost and he’s one to really encourage me to go for my dreams. Femi was the one that really inspired this move and that’s why I so believe in the power of words and knowledge.

The First Lady Conference is all about women inspiring women! It’s all about living our dreams! The conference is held twice a year,  the Autum/Winter programme, held towards the end of the year, which we’re holding on Saturday 12th December.  Our Spring/Summer programme is going to take place in June 2016. And what’s with the A/W and S/S reference you may ask?  Because I’m a fashion junkie and I simply cannot separate myself from the beauty of fashion. And also of course it’s always going to have an element of fashion related surprises!

So for this Autumn/Winter conference this year I’ve bagged some great and inspiring women I’ve met and people, let me tell you they are seriously loaded with wisdom, knowledge and some great secrets that will inspire you to succeed no matter what. We’re having speakers from the world of TV, blogging,  beauty, magazine, dance, ministry and business. Next year we’re going to have even more!

I’ll be taking a short talk on a career as a fashion lecturer (obvs! ). There’s going to be a talk show format with Reveal’s beauty writer, makeup demos from a Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist, crazy prize draws, delicious cupcakes from Flossy Sunday Cakes and not forgetting fabulous makeup and beauty good bags.

We’re also all about giving back and each year we’ll work with a charity that supports the wellbeing and safety of women. We’re all about empowering the next generation of women. So 10% of ticket sales will go to our chosen charity.

I’m absolutely delighted because it’s going to be a seriously fun and fabulous time.

The First Lady Conference takes place on Saturday 12th December 2015 at the 4* Jury’s Inn hotel in Croydon, from 12-4pm. The event will be filmed and photographed with red carpet arrivals taking place from the world go.

To purchase your tickets go to:


For further information email:

I’ll definitely be bringing you more info as time goes.

Looking forward to seeing ya’ll there!



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