Big Up to Black Up Cosmetics!



Well hello there bea-uties,

Wow it’s been a mighty long time since my last post (about the First lady Conference event of which I’ll definitely do a very short review on soon). Sometimes life suddenly throws things at you that you just never expected. I’ve definitely had a few challenging months but now that that’s all over, I’m super grateful to God for His blessings. I’m happy to be back writing and looking forward to some exciting things in the pipeline that I’ll hopefully be sharing with you.

But in that challenging time one little surprise I received got me really, really excited, and actually made me feel quite special. So I got home one day and I found a small, slightly battered brown box that was patiently waiting for me on my bed. When I finally noticed the box I kinda, almost (weirdly) felt, ‘ahhh poor box where on earth have you traveled from?’ The weird thing is I love receiving post and the first thing I tend to do is look where it’s coming from. And so I picked up this delicate, cute little box and what did I do? Yep checked the address of course. The only word my eyes were drawn to was ‘Paris and I was most intrigued as I didn’t have a clue who could have sent me something from Paris. I eagerly ripped the already shattered box open only to find that the amazing and lovely people at Black Up cosmetics had sent me some goodies. Now, this really brightened up my day. As I dug my hand inside the box and pulled out one thing after another I just found myself ooohhhing and aaahhhhing and feeling really spoilt. It was such a touching surprise and I gotta say that the products are fa-bu-laaasssss!!!

So I received this like super amazing protective primer, anti-shine loose powder and kabuki brush. Now I’ve been using these products for about two months now so I can give a really good and honest review on it and here it is below…..

Base Protective SPF 25 Protective Primer


Ok, I mean, where do I even start with this primer….it is like the bomb! So Black Up introduces their first primer with SPF and there’s not an ashy finish in sight. It glides on beautifully and is packed with some serious goodness such as antioxidants that strengths the skin against our harsh environment.

It also mattifies and helps to control excess sebum production. What I really, really love about this primer is that it has a nice medium-thick consistency that feels more like a face cream. I’ve gone as far as not putting on any face cream and gone straight for this primer. The beauty of it is that it moisturises my skin and I trust it and feel confident that my makeup will stay in place – and it does.

Another great point about this primer is that it combines daily UVA/UVB protection for all skin types, but even more it’s a winner for protection against UV light for darker completions. See, I don’t just follow any beauty fad, whatever product I buy has to be right for my skin. Like most black skin types I have slight pigmentation and so I’m very careful about what I pick and choose to use, especially for my face. For me this primer is a winner and should be in every woman’s makeup kit.

Kabuki Brush


When I started buying some proper makeup brushes I kinda had a ‘thing’ for kabuki brushes. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the name or maybe because I read in an article sometime ago that these brushes were the best for applying foundation. The funny thing is that I was bent on buying as many kabuki brushes as I could – but actually only ended up buying one. This kabuki brush from Black Up is super cute. I love it because it does its job so well. The bristles are super soft and when I use it with the anti-shine powder it gives me a natural and even finish.

Anti-shine Loose Powder in NPLI O


Now I’m not no MUA and so rightly as I’m still trying to master the lighter concealer shade under eye effect……it’s been a bit of a pain trying to finding the right setting powder but this loose powder right here is the bees knees. I started using this powder about a week after receiving it because it wasn’t the right shade to use on my whole face. I started using it over my concealer (I use either Manhattan high cover concealer in sun beige, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal in cool tan or warm honey or sometimes both) with the Black Up kabuki brush and it has made all the difference. Since wearing this powder its really helped control the shine on my face and I love the matte look it gives – cos right now I’m obsessed with everything matte. I’m so pleased with the look it gives me I’ll be purchasing shade NPLI 2 or NPLI 3 so that I can use it on my whole face.

Not only is Black Up Cosmetics a great brand that I’ve followed and admired for a few years now, I love that the brand keeps on creating innovative products that really enhances the beauty of our skin.

Merci beaucoup Black Up xx



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