My NY City Glossy Box Goodies (May edition)


Hello bea-uties

I received my May Glossy Box goodies and I must say I was super excited and had high hopes for what I’d find inside. These boxes are pretty exciting and seriously they are addictive. I sat comfortably on my bed about to find out which city I was going to get and whether the contents would represent that city for real.


As I peeped inside, underneath the tissue paper I spotted something delightful –my fav Proper Corn in my all-time delish flavour lightly sea salted…yay!!!! I love this corn so much it’s the best, honestly I would have been happy if that’s all the box had inside (I’m a big foodie). I stuffed my mouth straight away and forgot to take a pic of it, so I’ve got to confess that the one you’ll see below in the pic is one that I bought…………and that one is long gone too!

This month’s box is pretty neat, I like everything I got, except for the Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie because I haven’t got the slightest clue how to use it – will probably YouTube-it and see!


Other goodies my came box with were….


Absolute New York velvet lipgloss in Rumba, which does glide on the lips nicely but I’m not sure that I’m crazy about it just yet.



The Revlon mascara is one of my fav as well, but because I’m new to Glossy Box I didn’t get a chance to choose the one I wanted from the selection they had, so the lovely peeps at Glossy selected the super length, which is exactly what I would have actually chosen so I’m quite chuffed about that.



I love the Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plumb & Firm Moisturiser and although the instruction card says to use a pea size I do squirt quite a lot. Yes it is smooth but I personally wouldn’t say that it leaves my skin dewy and glowing.


The Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil was quite an interesting pick as I’d never heard of it before. Since there isn’t much sun in London, I thought I’d save it for when I go on holiday but today I decided to use some over my legs and arm. The coconut and guava flavour lingers around for a little while, but to be honest I’m not very keen on it as a flavour. I may have to book an emergency holiday just so that I can really put it to the test, (any excuse to get away).

I’m really loving Glossy Box right now and so looking forward to the June box to see what goodies I’ll be filing my shelf with.

Are you also a beauty box subscriber? Drop me a line and tell me which one’s your favourite or any other recommendations you think i can try – I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m going to be a beauty box addict so trust me my credit card knows the score (wink!).




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