My black Up Cosmetics Summer Lovin’ Goodies


Hello bea-uties,

Hope the lovely sunshine is giving you all that good summer feeling?!
Now, when it comes to some of my favourite luxury makeup brands, no other name tops it for me like black Up Paris does!

I’ve been following this brand for about 4 years now, then I wasn’t such a (mini) makeup junkie as I am now – but there was definitely something special about this brand that always kept me at the edge of my seat. Perhaps it’s because they’re thee only top, luxury, prestige makeup brand for women of colour – you just gotta love that right?
I recently was sent a special delivery from Paris (in the French accent) from black Up and boy oh boy, were the treats too much to handle? Yes, they certainly were! Get your purses at the ready because once I finish going over these beauties you’ll have no choice but to Usain Bolt-it to your nearest department store to grab all of these goodies.


JUM 19M – Matte Taupe Grey
JUM 23M – Matte Chocolate


JUM 21M – Matte Geige

First off, I’m a lipstick/gloss girl – I got it from my mother who wore countless lipstick in her hay days – though I kinda (weirdly) rebelled against the lippy and went in the direction of lip glosses, I finally gave up my love-hate relationship with lipsticks (wasn’t you mum) and started wearing them frequently. But now, move over sticks and glosses – I’m all about the jumbo lip crayons. I was sent three nude shades; JUM 19M – Matte Taupe Grey, JUM 23M – Matte Chocolate and JUM 21M – Matte Beige. I’ve worn these glosses the whole day and I can confidently say they don’t dry out as they are enriched with oils and give that velvety look.


The first one I tried was the Matte Chocolate (JUM 23M – Matte Chocolate) and felt like a proper melanin babe! This chocolate shade is everything!!!!! It’s super delicious to the eyes and I’m already trying to save as much as I can because if not it’ll be done before I can blink my falsies.


The Matte Taupe Grey (JUM 19M – Matte Taupe Grey) is super beautiful, I’m still on the hunt for a grey-brown lippie but this will certainly do. The Matte Beige is very cute on and perfect for any nude outfit.


I absolutely loved the Matte Beige (JUM 21M – Matte Beige), it’s super girly and bang on trend when it comes to the nudes family.



I’m not a good keeper of nails but I do love a bit of polish here and there. black Up’s nail polish in NVAO 13 Orange transports my imagination to somewhere in the Caribbean! I love how it bristles of the brush deposits a lot on my nails, I do wish the bristles were a little bit smaller or slightly pointed/angle for more precision around the edges.


Matte waterproof liquid eyeliner



Finally, how many eye liners can one girl wear? All at the same time if like me you get way too over excited. Now, I’ve got to admit I’m not a pro at applying eye liners but black Up’s liquid matte waterproof ones are simply irresistable! They make your eyes pop and give it that intense look that’s bang on trend. It’s been super hard finding liners that give that fine, precision line – until now of course. The applicator is soft and pointed so it’s very easy for me to use. It also allows me to build up how big I want my cats eye. I received five amazing, vibrant colour liners in: ELM 01, ELM 02, ELM 03, ELM 04 and ELM 05.
Who said it was easy being a girl??

Have a fab Friday xx



The First Lady Conference – Back With a Bang!


Hello there bea-uties,

Yuuuup, It’s been another long break – when life happens it really happens (lol), but hey life’s great, right?

So, I’m super excited to share with you and invite you along to the second FIRST LADY CONFERENCE, my seminar and networking organisation which was held last December for the first time.

Our first seminar and networking event was held at the Jurys Inn hotel on 12th December 2015 and we were privileged to have our first guest speakers being founder and TV host of Career Nuggets Morenike Ajayi, amazing beauty blogger FashStyleLiv and Vicki Igbokwe, creative director and choreographer of Uchenna Dance.

This year we have taken the stakes even higher and have bagged some incredible speakers. On Saturday 10th September 2016 at the Jurys Inn hotel, we are beyond excited to have our special guest speakers including international hair and makeup artist, Malkia Roberts, luxury makeup brand black|Up cosmetics, mumprenuer and founder of Nkechi Jaja and fashion and beauty blogger, entrepreneur and founder of HUGE magazine, Sandra Whiteman Daily.

This year we believe is going to be an epic year, especially since our sponsors including Melariche, DesignHues and creative personal shopping site Silk Rose Creative are going to be giving away some incredible good bags and prize draws.

If you go to one event this year let it be the First Lady Conference, we’re guaranteed that you’ll be inspired!

Its absolutely FREE so go get your tickets at and search for ‘The First Lady Conference’

If you wish to exhibit for a fee of £40 email or call 07956610920